This is a new page on our site to try to centralize a number of policies that have been either overlooked or abused by some.

TERMS: 2% 10/net 30 means that you can take  2% off of the merchandise cost on an invoice if we receive payment within 10 days of invoice date. If this discount is taken after 10 days, we will bill back to you the "discount taken/not earned amount which will become part of your "accounts payable ledger.

CREDIT CARD TERMS: We extend the 2/10 terms to credit card charges as we bill the card on shipment. You are still getting your 2% discount and transferring  the  debt to your credit card giving you probably 30 days or more to pay. We do need to be kept up to date on your credit card account as bad numbers or out of date expirations create nothing but wasted time in our accounts receivable department. If you have given us a card number to keep on file, please be sure it is up to date.

BACK ORDERS; Our new computer system will not allow us to "hold orders in house pending arrival of merchandise from our vendors. If you place an order that cannot be completely filled, we will ship what we can and back order the rest to be shipped automatically on our receipt of new merchandise. When the shipment arrives, we print out "shipping orders of back ordered merchandise and fill such orders in chronological order¦oldest back orders shipped first.  When the back orders have been filled and shipped, we then begin shipping current orders. As many of our items are generic (hoops, tension rods, etc.) and you can obtain them from other sources, please let us know to cancel your back order if you have no need of the product from us. Communication is key to preventing mishaps in this situation. You will be responsible for freight both ways on shipments of back ordered items that were not cancelled.

RETURN GOODS POLICY;  We are happy to accept returns as long as the product is in original condition and within 6 months of the invoice date. If the reason for the return was some mishap or problem on our end we will refund your return shipping  as long as we get the product back within 30 days.  If the reason for the return was an ordering mishap then we will still accept the return but the return shipping will be your responsibility.  If a product is damaged in shipment to you, please file a claim with the carrier and follow their instructions. If a product proves defective we will take it back for credit or replacement per your instructions within 1 year of purchase.  There will be a minimum of a 15% restocking charge on any items returned for other reasons. 

DROP SHIP FEE : We do allow drop ships to your customers. The fee for this service is 5.00.

MISSING/DAMAGED ITEMS: Please notify us within 10 days of receipt of a package with missing or damaged items. Again, a freight claim must be filed by you with the carrier on damaged-in-transit merchandise.

 STOCK / QUANTITIES: Our stock changes minute to minute here.  Because of that ,we reserve the right to limit quantities of certain items from time to time in order to take care of as many customers as possible until the next shipment arrives.

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