We here at Worldmax USA want to announce the arrival of a few new products. Ya'll should take a look at.. We are now stocking stave drum shells in bubinga,oak,walnut, and maple. We are also now offering our black over brass shells 6.5x14, 5x14, and 8x14 with no center bead. We just got in a full stock of no flange hoops in sizes 10" through 18". We also added to our inventory a larger radius collar hook in chrome to fit the no flange hoops. We now have added to our raw maple hoops a 1" 13" and 14" with the snare sides also available. We have a new chrome over solid brass 14" 10 hole hoop ( 2.5 mm )...We have a new piccolo snare strainer ( model S-6 ) fits beaded shells perfectly. We also have new mounting screws in 5mm and 6mm thread pattern. 


 We are expecting early next year new wood snare drums in stave configuration and 3mm thick with 5mm rings. A new 7.5x10 and 8x12 tom shell. a 14x14 and 16x16 floor tom shell. And a 14x18, 20x16 and 22x16 bass drum shell all in our black over brass finish. 


  We are awaiting by air a longer version of our TAV-001 threaded air vent. 


 Hope these announcements find you all in great health and happy prosperous times. We so appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from ya'll...Any suggestions for new products ya'll would like to see available here please let us know...Have a wonderful rest of your year!!!!!!

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