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07/25/2016 -

To Our Customers....


 We have some exciting new products coming in with our August shipment. So we wanted to let ya'll know about them...

 The most exciting one is the steel no flange hoops. In sizes from 10" through 18". We are also getting our most popular butterfly claw (  PR-058 )  in black and brass. We are getting a longer version of our DC-03 snare drum beavertail style lug. We will post the measurements as soon as we get it in. We are also going to have the yamaha style wood hoop in a 13" 6 hole. We also will now have the die cast 14" 10 hole hoop in aztec gold colored. To go along with that our S-11 strainer will be available in aztec gold and satin colors.

 Rob is still working on Hera for more items in out satin line and for her to produce some molds for a hide-a-way hoop. 

 We appreciate your patience while Maggie and Rob try to bring Worldmax into the 21st century...

                            Thank You For Your Business...

                          The Worldmax Crew






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