Worldmax Dealers,


  Hey Guys!!!!  With all the stock issues we are having we wanted to give you all a list of some of the " biggies" we are out of. 

SW-1220, SW-1320,SW-1420. TAV-001, TAV-001 BLACK, SP-50, T-042W (1.5"), T-047W ( 1.75" ), T-056W (2.25"), T-065W ( 2 9/16" ), T-090W ( 3.5" ), T-102W ( 4" ), T-110W ( 4.25" ), T-112W ( 4 3/8" ), SC-411B, SL-2314-10P, SL-2314S-10P, SL-2316-8P, DC-01H, S-2310-6, S-2312-6, S-2313-6, S-2314S-8, S-2314-10, AND S-2320-8.

There really isn't any substitutions for the bass drum tension rods,so unless we can get an air shipment in here ( we are trying) then you will have to get these from another source. As for the snare wires and hoops, we do have some alternate styles available just give us a call.

 We will be replenishing our stock as soon as our sssllllloooowwww boat from China gets here. Hopefully early April..

      Thank You so much for your patience,

 The Worldmax Crew Maggie, Rob, and Wendy